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If you're coming to Culebra

Let’s go to Culebra! If you read this, the first thing that comes to mind is an excellent trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and having an unforgettable time, super! If it also reminds you of having to buy the stuff you’re going to bring, don’t forget, the Island has all the amenities to make your visit memorable. Here are some tips that can guarantee it:

Be an Early Bird.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the cargo ferry, the passenger ferry or an airplane. A lot of visitors lose their space because they’re late.

6 bags, 2 coolers, 3 beach chairs and a cart or 1 bag (inside the cooler) and a wallet.

Some people carry unnecessary baggage. Culebra has markets, liquor stores and restaurants that, literally, have it all. Some may say that some articles may cost less if you compare them with the megastores, but if you ask me, it’s worth it to travel light to Culebra and start enjoying the Island immediately. Also, by buying your stuff in the Island, you help its economy and you don’t leave excess garbage behind.

To the beach!

Culebra has places where you can rent stuff, from beach chairs, bicycles, kayaks, snorkeling gear. There are so many beaches to explore that we made a map for you to scratch all of them from your list. Go to our section Beaches!

Meet Dewey.

When you dock in town, you have the opportunity to enjoy different places where you can find almost anything.

  • Restaurants and Bars – don’t forget to try the local drink, the "Bushwacker".

  • Gift shops – remember to get a sticker for your car.

  • Art – there are plenty of local artists that are worth looking at and buying art from.

  • Supermarkets – they have everything, seriously.

Getting around the Island, no problem!

Taxis go by the dock and airport all the time. Also, you can rent a car or scooter (make your reservations early)

Explore the island

Take a snorkeling tour at Tamarindo, grab a Water Taxi Service to enjoy the Culebrita's Natural Pools or hike to one of the oldest Lighthouse in the Caribbean, take the chance and explore Culebra at its fullest.

Stay here, why not?.

Culebra has lots of hostels, guesthouses, hotels and houses for rent where you can stay the night, or the week.

Hang out.

On weekdays, Culebra is relatively quiet. You will find great places to enjoy a good cocktail or dinner. On weekends, you will have much more to choose from. A lot of these places close early (11pm - 12am) because they are part of guesthouses and they respect their guest’s rest. Other places are open until the wee hours of the night and have karaoke or live music.

Live the History.

Culebra is a key character in Puerto Rico’s history. If you’re planning on staying over the weekend, visit the Museo Histórico El Polvorín. You can see archeological artifacts, historic photos of the town during the US Navy occupancy and more. Open Sat - Sun.

Camping, yes!

If you like to go camping, Culebra has one of the most beautiful places to do so. For only $30 a night, per tent (up to 6 persons per tent), you can set up camp in World Renowned Flamenco beach’s campground.

YES! Look up!

​Culebra is covered with an awe-inspiring starry night sky all year round. You will get to see shooting stars, always one of the most memorable moments for visitors.


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