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Exploring Culebra

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Whether in a vehicle, bike, on foot or kayak, Culebra always manages to surprise visitors at the turn of any corner. Here are several alternatives to explore the island on your next trip.

Get around:

On a Jeep

If you have the chance to rent a vehicle, seize the moment to tour the island and enjoy the scenery en route to the 3 end points of Culebra: Flamenco, Zoní, and Punta Soldado. On the way you will find spectacular views that will force you to stop to capture those photos that will make you the envy of all your friends.

On Bike

Apart from being good exercise, cycling is also an excellent means of transportation in Culebra. You can reach any part of the Island on it. Sure! Some destinations require a little more effort than others.

LOW IMPACT The town of Dewey and the airport are low impact areas, suitable for all. MEDIUM IMPACT The road #250 to Punta Soldado is of medium impact. Enjoy the view and tranquility of Ensenada Honda and Fulladoza Bay. HIGH IMPACT The routes to Flamenco Beach and Zoní Beach have the highest impact. Flamenco has a big hill that many choose to walk up, and the road #250 to Zoní is a fairly long ride. On the way you could visit the Museo de la Historia de Culebra (Culebra’s Museum of History), the Camp, and cross the National Wildlife Refuge. Remember to bring plenty of water and keep hydrated. Also, you can ride your bike to Melones Beach or Tamarindo Beach and enjoy the sunset ... you won’t regret it.

On Foot

There’s no better way of getting to know the town of Dewey than on foot. Between souvenir carts, gift shops, art galleries, restaurants and the charisma of the culebrenses, you will see how time slows down. You can also explore Culebra’s coastline. A lot of people enjoy taking walks on the shore of its beaches enjoying the sound of their waves. Also, you can also do some hiking to beaches like Carlos Rosario's Beach and adventure your way to Brava Beach or Resaca Beach. TAKE NOTE: It’s very important that you leave word to your hotel or a friend that you’re hiking, keep hydrated and always use adequate footwear. That way, you can enjoy your hike without any pain or regrets.

On Kayak

Why not see the Island from another perspective? Kayaking in Ensenada Honda, Dákiti, Las Pelá or Tamarindo Beach offers another way to enjoy the Culebra. In Tamarindo, you could take a guided tour through the Luis Peña Nature Reserve; where you can also enjoy some snorkeling. If you rent a kayak, Ensenada Honda is perfect to relax in the mangroves and low waters of Dákity. Although it is high impact exercise, kayaking through the Island is a marvelous medium for relaxation and meditation..


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