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Flamenco Beach: A Resilient Gem in Culebra

Flamenco Beach is the best-known beach on the Island of Culebra and for good reason. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico and ranked one of the best 10 beaches on the planet, with white sand, crystal-clear water, and a variety of amenities.

In 2017, Culebra was hit by two major hurricanes, Irma and Maria. The damage was widespread, but Flamenco Beach was one of the areas that was hit hardest. The beach was littered with debris, the water was murky, and the infrastructure was in ruins.

However, the people of Culebra are resilient. They worked tirelessly to clean up the beach and restore it to its former glory.

Today, Flamenco Beach is once again one of the most popular tourist destinations in Puerto Rico. It now has new facilities with ADA (America Disability Act) areas and kiosks that offer a variety of food and drink options. Perfect to enjoy that frozen Piña Colada watching the 50 shades of turquoise of Flamenco Beach water.

Flamenco is a great beach to lay on the sand and tan, swim in crystalline waters, go snorkeling, play beach soccer or tennis, or even learn about the Island’s history. If you are the adventurous outdoors type, the Flamenco Beach Campgrounds will definitely fill those needs. In addition to its natural beauty, Flamenco Beach has a decent spot for snorkeling. Tamarindo Beach and Carlos Rosario Beach are the 2 most amazing spots in Culebra to do some snorkeling, but if you are in Flamenco you can also take a dive and snorkel a bit there. There are two spots where you can see a variety of coral and fish, the left side of the coastline (near the tank) and the opposite side of the coastline, to the right, known by the culebrenses as the “Muellecito”.

If you decide to stroll down Flamenco’s coastline, you will eventually bump into one of its most iconic attractions, the tank. Yes, one of Flamenco’s most known attractions is not natural, but man-made. There are two tanks, actually; one on the camping grounds and another on the beach. They are a reminder of the US Navy’s occupancy of Culebra. Once a piece of metal that would offend any nature-loving passerby, the beach tank has rusted down and been painted and is now featured in postcards and photographs. I invite you to stroll down there and judge for yourself.

But what we may assure you is that Culebra and its people are a very unique and resilient bunch. The community came together to help each other clean up the beach and rebuild the infrastructure. Businesses and organizations donated supplies and services. Tourists continued to visit the island, which helped to boost the economy. As a result of these efforts, Flamenco Beach reopened better than ever and is receiving visitors once again and becoming a thriving tourist destination.

If you are looking for a beautiful and resilient beach to visit in Puerto Rico, Flamenco Beach is the perfect place. If you are planning a trip to Culebra, visit Flamenco Beach. It is a beautiful and resilient reminder of the strength of the Puerto Rican people.

Things to know:

  • TAKE ME TO THE BEACH! Take a taxi from Culebra Ferry dock. You may coordinate or reserve a trip by reaching out to the Taxis: Check our Moving Around section to see all the taxis available.

  • DRIVE YOURSELF: If you rent a Golf Cart or Jeep take note that there is a Parking Fee of $5 per car, $4 per Golf Cart.

  • ENTRANCE FEE: The Facilities also Charge $2 per person and it allows the use of Bathrooms and Showers and it helps with the high maintenance cost of the facilities. We always give a few bucks more to help them thrive.

  • GARBAGE!: Please be conscious that many visitors get to the beach with lots of waste that came directly with them on the ferry, but 99% of the time they are left back with us in Culebra. So if you can, please take all the trash that you can or even better...! Don't bring anything and buy everything you need for a good beach day here in Culebra. It is waste that is already here on the island and you will be contributing to the economy of the island. Check our section STORES to find your nearest Groceries Store

  • TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES: Enjoy the beach and create memories that last an eternity... and tag us in your photos @enculebra on Instagram.


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