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About Me

Since my first visit to Culebra Island in 1998, my deep affection for this remarkable place, its breathtaking natural beauty, and its warm-hearted people has ignited a lifelong passion. Over the years, my dedication to Culebra has manifested in various endeavors that showcase and celebrate the island's wonders.

In 2010, together with four friends, I proudly launched En Culebra Magazine, a comprehensive traveler's guide designed to provide invaluable insights for those exploring Culebra. The captivating photographs featured in the magazine served as the inspiration for another cherished project, the ABC of Culebra Island: A Bilingual Photo Book for Kids (2014). This engaging book, designed to promote early-age reading, showcases 52 captivating pictures, representing the essence of Culebra from A to Z in both English and Spanish. I am delighted to share that the ABC of Culebra is now included in Houghton, Mifflin & Harcourt's bilingual reading program, "Arriba la Lectura," supported by the U.S. Department of Education.

Furthermore, my photographic work has been proudly displayed at the Culebra Health Clinic and has garnered recognition through features in esteemed travel magazines worldwide, further highlighting the island's allure.

For any inquiries or to connect with me, please feel free to reach out via email at I am always eager to engage with fellow Culebra enthusiasts and share my passion for this extraordinary place.

Thank you for your interest and support

Photo by: Nick Hernandez
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