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Culebra Island have many experiences to make your visit an unforgettable one.

Beach Hopping

Explore the Island / Beach Hopping

What better way to explore the island than with a rented golf cart or vehicles from Choco's Rent a Car.

Once you have your preferred vehicle, click on our Beaches link to move around the island like a pro. 


Bronco • Pick Ups • SUV's • UTV's

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Experience our underwater world

Culebra has pristine waters and beautiful marine life for everyone to enjoy. We are blessed and we always request that everyone respect the corals, not touch or remove any living organism from the reef, and follow all the instructions from our guides to have the best experience in our waters.


Other alternatives


Let's Eat! Culebra's Culinary Experience

There is no better way to experience and celebrate the island than with our Culinary Scene. From Margaritas at El Batey, Tacos at Zaco's, Fresh Fish at Dinghy Dock and at Harspoons, a great setting at Mamacita's, best pasta from Heather's Pizzeria, Creative Artisan Pizzas from La Jibara, breakfast at Pan Café and Kokomo Café, a unique cup of Coffee at Blac Flamingo, Fresh Juices from Zumo and Coco Aquí, drinks at Posada La Hamaca, Cocktails at SandBar, the lunch from La Pista, the beans from El Marullo, the tastes of DomiRico Flavors, Rosalinda and her seasoning and the creations of La Pica...

yes, we have something going on in our culinary scene.

Click here to see all the places to enjoy a great culinary experience.

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