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Celebrate New Year's Culebra Style!

In Culebra, the New Year’s Eve celebration is considered one of the most entertaining and emblematic of Puerto Rico. Here, we leave out the pretenses and all join in the square in the town of Dewey. Beach chairs turn into stands and coolers into tables where everything is shared. Some bring their snacks and the person next to you suddenly is part of one big family. If you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Culebra, we recommend:

Book it all with time. ​

The Island receives many visitors who return year after year for the celebration. We recommend making your reservations for lodging, rental car, and your ferry or airline tickets in advance.

Arrive ready (or get ready here).

Both options are good, many bring their traditional dishes or the ingredients to prepare them here in Culebra. Most guesthouses have small kitchens. You may also buy anything you need in Culebra. Here on the Island, you’ll find an excellent selection of meats, fish, and seafood; simply add your culinary talents. Also, you help the economy by buying local.


Ready for the party. ​

Bring everything you will need to do your hair, and makeup and get ready to start the New Year feeling like a million bucks. Make a list before you travel so you don’t forget anything at home that will help you glow in the crowd. 


Early at the Square

A lot of families travel with their kids and get to the square early. We recommend choosing a spot where they can be comfortable without a lot of human traffic. The main square has some trees and some cement benches located in front of the bank usually are the most comfortable areas.


Pedestrian Zone.

If you traveled with your car or rented one here, you should be aware that during the New Year’s celebration, the port area is a pedestrian zone. You can park your car in any of the nearby streets. This year 2023 will be a bit more complicated due to the ongoing works on the Iconic drawbridge. Hey! you will be part of the best block party in the world... it's ok if you have to walk a bit to receive the 2024 in paradise.


No glass,  please!

All of us who participated in the New Year’s celebration know that accidents happen, that's why we try to not bring any glass containers or bottles. At least make the effort and be careful if you bring any.


The trash... to the trash bin. ​

Remember to bring trash bags and at the end of the festivities, simply leave your garbage in the trash bin. This way you will be helping to keep Dewey and Culebra clean. You get extra Cool Points for doing it. Start the year being one of the coolest of the pack!


Most importantly: bring your instruments!

Don’t leave your musical instruments, you will need them, trust me. Don't be shy and join any group playing by clapping with them. And scream out of your lungs! WEEEEEPPPAAAAA!!!! (Pronounced Weh-Pah!)


New Year’s Eve in Culebra has become a tradition for a lot of people (like us). People from all over the world take part in the celebration. They dance to the rhythm of the music and after an awaited countdown; they all hug and wish each other the best on the newly begun year. Little by little, all of us who brought our instruments followed the sound of the congas and panderos turning the street into a huge parranda. The town businesses serve as an oasis during the celebration, a wholesome celebration for the whole family. We invite you to be part of the festivity and turn it into your tradition.


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